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How To Submit Your Music to OWMR

1  Send MP3s to: [email protected] please note we only accept mp3 format or CD's (256 kbps max), ensuring metadata is correct


2  Contact Steve and Chrissie for our current studio address if you would like to send physical CDs: [email protected] please note that if you are sending a physical CD it must be marked as a gift and marked with the value as 0, otherwise it will be impounded by customs, as sadly, we do not have the time to go through the government red tape to retrieve them.


Once we have your music, we will listen to it and assess its suitability and quality for use in our shows/playlists.


If successful, we will then contact you and let you know your music has been added to our system.


Albums from the current year will be eligible for chart placing in the OWMR Top 100, and singles from the current year will be eligible for the Top 40 singles chart.

Getting your music played on our OWMR Playlist is and always will be free!

The genres we cover are as follows: 

  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Ambient

  • Celtic

  • Chill Out

  • Classical

  • Contemporary Instrumental

  • Electronic

  • Flute music

  • Folk

  • Guided Meditations (not eligible for the chart)

  • Heavy Metal (not eligible for the chart)

  • Jazz

  • Jazz/Funk (not eligible for the chart)

  • Native American

  • New Age

  • Piano with Instrumentation

  • Rock (not eligible for the chart)

  • Solo Piano

  • World Music

  • Retro Pop (not eligible for the chart)


We do NOT cover the following genres:

   •   Rap

   •   Hip Hop

   •   Dance

   •   Country

   •   House

   •   Current chart pop

   •   Religious based music

   •   or any sub genres relating to the above