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Below is a list of shows available for sponsorship on One World Music Radio

Atmospheres: 2 hours of electronic music with Bruce Gall aired weekly- Currently sponsored until end of 2019


The Dreaming Flute: An hour of flute music from around the world hosted by Chrissie Sheppard aired monthly - Available


Healing Waters: A hour of healing music from different genres with Chrissie Sheppard aired monthly - Currently sponsored until end of 2019


In The Stream: Two hours of long form music from different genres aired monthly - Available


Keys of Light: An hour of piano music with Chrissie & Steve Sheppard airs bi-weekly - Currently sponsored until end of 2019


One World One Voice: An hour of world music with Andy Rogers airs bi-weekly - Available


Shores of Atlantis: An hour of the best in contemporary instrumental/new age music with Steve Sheppard airs monthly– Currently sponsored until end of 2019


Solitudes: An hour of relaxing, calming music with Andy Rogers airs bi-weekly- Currently sponsored until end of 2019


The Voice: An hour of the vocal based music, highlighting the talents of the many singers within our genres, hosted by Steve & Chrissie Sheppard airs monthly– Available


To find out more about sponsoring a show, please contact Steve and Chrissie at: info@oneworldmusic.co.uk


Sponsor a Playlist Cost: £40

Why not sponsor one of our playlists. Our playlists are listened to every day, so this is a great way to promote yourself and your music; you will even get 3 tracks from your latest album included in the playlist too! Just contact us for more details.

Cost £25 per show (minimum of 2 shows sponsorship)